computer users complaintsOH, THOSE ACHING COMPUTER-USER EYES

What are the most common complaints of computer users? Blurred vision, aching, stinging eyes, dry eyes, headaches, neck or shoulder pain, focusing difficulties and sensitivity to glare. What's the cause?

Computer users are subject to repetitive stress injury, a problem like tennis elbow that develops over time. After sitting for long stretches at a computer, many suffer aching backs, necks and eyes. These problems are associated with frequent eye movements from documents to screen and from screen to keyboard. The images must be repeatedly refocused, so eyestrain happens more readily.

Proper Eyewear Can Help

Although a thorough eye exam, which includes a measurement for glasses, is a good starting point to correct these problems. Wearing the wrong glasses is a major cause of problems at the computer. Our opticians often recommend special computer-use lenses, which enhance near and intermediate vision, or multifocal lenses with segments placed for computer use. Even contact lenses may have a role. There are also other suggestions:

Sharpen the image...

Adjust the monitor, so that dark letters show up on a light back ground. Experiment to find the most comfortable brightness, contrast and typefaces.
Use a 20-inch screen if possible.
Reduce glare from a window: Place the monitor perpendicular to the window. Adjust shades or blinds to minimize the amount of direct light on the screen.
For lighting: use soft, low-glare lights.
Use a quality anti-glare screen on the monitor.
Keep the screen and eyewear clean.
Rest often.
Blink to keep eyes moist.
Take frequent breaks by looking away from the screen.
Adjust the screen and papers.
Keep the monitor about 18 to 24 inches away.
Position the monitor, so it’s top is just below eye level.
Keep the screen and working documents at the same distance and close together.
Sit comfortably.
Use an adjustable chair with good support.
Stand up and stretch at regular intervals.

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